Meet the Beauty Behind the 1st Femme Fragrance & Brand

Cindy Nkem Siren is the founder and owner of the 1st Femme Brand that encompasses the signature fragrance, 1st Femme, and 1st Class Fashion. Cindy created the brand as a fresh and new way to give women from all backgrounds, the confidence and encouragement they need to get ahead in life, love and their careers.

Cindy’s love for fragrance began during childhood when she would dabble in her mom’s collection and dream of her own. Cindy’s hard working parents also inspired her strong entrepreneurial spirit and her desire to build a company designed for working women on the go. In 2012, she launched her newest entrepreneurial endeavor, 1st Class Fashion.  Now, a millennial businesswoman on the go, Cindy was in search of a signature scent that matched her moves. She wanted a fragrance that could take her from day to night and from the boardroom to the bedroom.  After much searching for the perfect, exotic yet feminine scent and realizing it did not exist, Cindy made it her mission to create it.

She traveled the world to source the finest and most fragrant ingredients to make 1st Femme just right. In fact, a specific trip to Dubai – the perfume capital of the world – directly inspired her to envision and create her signature 1st Femme fragrance. The perfume bottles were inspired by European aesthetics. Cindy sourced them from France and had them decorated in Italy. The fragrance was created and bottled in California. For Cindy it is important that each customer feels a special connection with the fragrance, so she made the packaging white with a simple gold logo to symbolize a clean canvas, giving them the opportunity to connect with the scent and create memories of their own.

“Scent is synonymous with femininity,” says Cindy. “It’s like the cherry on top of the cake, it creates an aura for the polished woman. Scent to me is strongest thing closest to memory. When you smell a familiar perfume or scent, it brings back memories of a time, place or person. Here at 1st Femme, we use that to inspire unity and creativity, but also evoke femininity. Women today are becoming bolder, more brazen and powerful and we want to celebrate that!”

Her company is making it their mission to encourage other women to join them as they strive to educate, connect and support women while increasing the visibility of their achievements as a way to empower today’s female leaders in every industry. 1st Femme is more than a brand or fragrance -- it’s a lifestyle.

Cindy has extended her passionate reach beyond her day-to-day business to traveling as a public speaker, sharing her business advice, relationship tips and entrepreneurial inspiration with fellow established and aspiring businesswomen. In 2016, the 1st Femme visionary was a featured speaker on a panel of experts at the SoGal Beauty Fest at the University of Southern California, where she spoke about her passion for beauty and how she turned it into a business. She was also the keynote speaker at a local Women’s Empowerment Brunch in Ventura County and was also joined celebrity author and businesswoman Toya Wright as a guest speaker at the Couture Power Conference in Oakland, CA. She spoke to a sold out audience of thriving business professionals about how to invest in their business, from her own personal experience.

As a businesswoman, beauty and relationships advisor, and women’s advocate, Cindy Nkem Siren is an inspiration to aspiring women all over the world.  To book Cindy as a guest speaker for an upcoming event, please email: