We're giving shoes & good vibes

I'm getting ready for my annual Christmas vacation, and this year I have an extra special celebration :-)! When I return i'll be moving into a home, and decluttering items I am not making good use of. I feel compelled to give them to an organization that is geared toward empowering and uplifting women. When I learned about Dress For Success, it felt like a perfect fit. I know my items will be made good use of.  If they will potentially help another woman, feel confident and on point then i'm satisfied.
Cindy Nkem - Founder, 1st Femme Fragrance

The Dress For Success Worldwide West is accepting donations for women business, business- casual apparel and office ready shoes to prepare women entering into the workforce or switching careers, the opportunity to shine bright and excel in the interview process, through the hiring process and beyond. 

Learn more: https://www.dressforsuccess.org/news/dress-for-success-turns-givingtuesday-into-givingshoesday/